Unofficial Tokyo hotel guide for DiGRA2007

July 23, 2007

Though we have a few international hotels or dormitories near our campus, we’ve prepared some choices on hotel booking.

Forest Hongo is the nearest hotel from University of Tokyo, less than ten minutes by walk.

It is an only international hotel we can reach by walk, and other international hotels requires about 10 minutes ride by subway.

If you have a family to visit Japan together, Hotel Metropolitan Edmont is the comfort hotel. It takes two station by subway from University of Tokyo. The banquet will be held at this large hotel (we prepared shuttle buses from our campus before the banquet).

On the other hand, there are some no-so-large hotels such as traditional Ryokan or cyberpunk Capsule hotel or city hotels around the campus. Unfortunately, we don’t offer special discounts for those hotels at this time and you should book by yourself.

  1. Capsule Land Yushima (former Kiosk Inn Yushima)
    (information is only in Japanese)
  2. Edoya Ryokan
  3. Homeikan
  4. Tsutaya Ryokan
  5. Hotel Kizankan

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