We’re ready to ship DiGRA2007 CD-ROM Proceedings. Here is the statement included with CD-ROMs.

22nd October 2007

To All Participants,

thank you very much for your support for DiGRA 2007.

We are writing to you regarding the CD-ROM version of the Proceedings. As the result of the utmost effort to assure the quality of the CD-ROM Proceedings, its delivery date could not be earlier than the 28th of September, the last date of the conference. For some participants who left before this date, the CD-ROM could not be handed to them within the conference period. JAPAX now send the CD-ROM to you by mail. If you get two or the more CD-ROMs, you need not to return them. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
DiGRA2007 Organizing Committee
(E-mail: digra2007@digrajapan.org)
JAPAX Co., Ltd.

Please wait for a few days to finish the shipping to the hundreds of attendees from dozens of the countries.


We just published the immediate conference report:


It is published in Japanese first, then translated in English. So some sentences need blush-up.

After the troubles with the publisher, CD-ROM version of DiGRA2007 proceedings had arrived during the conference. We should deliver CD-ROMs to the participants who returned early, however, the negotiation is delayed and shipping is not started yet.

We are also preparing the digital library version of DiGRA2007 proceedings, http://www.digra.org/dl/ . If may take time to upload each papers and input keywords manually.