Frans Mäyrä, DiGRA2007 International Advisory Board, had announced new site provided by International Study of Games Cultures (InGa) project. It says:

In the spirit of the recent “Situated Play” conference (DiGRA 2007), we propose a collaborative effort of collecting together research, observation and data about forms of play around the world.

We have more than 350 attendees from 29 counties in DiGRA2007 Tokyo. At DiGRA2007 we found that we have own unwritten history of game research in each environment — language, culture, school, and market.

In addition, we’d had a trouble to get enough reviewers before the conference. We’ll need more contributors in the future international conference. And now is the time to build a global network of game researchers.


CD-ROM shipping completed

December 5, 2007

Sorry to be late!

We found there are some people who did not receive CD-ROM proceedings. We checked our printing agency again, and completed shiping all CD-ROMs in this week, Finally, CD-ROM proceedings will be arrived in one or two weeks.

Maybe some people will receive CD-ROM twice, at the conference and via postal , as our CD-ROM delivery list during the conference is not complete.