In Game Studies Download session at Game Developers Conference 08 on February 20, 2008, DiGRA2007 papers including “What’s My Game Character Worth – The Value Components of MMOG Characters” by Tomi Kujanpää, Tony Manninen and Laura Vallius were ranked in the top 10 list of academic findings and the “shadow list” of research findings that the editors couldn’t fit on the first top 10 list for GDC.

All the papers presented at DiGRA2007 Tokyo: Situated Play are available at DiGRA Digital Library.


Today we finished building the DiGRA2007 proceedings Situated Play at DiGRA Digital Library online. Now you can see the recent 100+ papers as same as the past DiGRA proceedings.


Our printing company does not finish the shipping of all delayed CD-ROM proceedings yet, so please wait a moment if you could not get in on the final day of the conference.

Building Online Proceedings

November 7, 2007

Along with shipping CD-ROMs, we started uploading DiGRA2007 CD-ROM proceedings and adding the metadata into DiGRA Digital Library.

As some papers in CD-ROM contain Asian fonts, we’re uploading updated file (like this paper). We will finish the registration of all 100+ papers in a week.

After the troubles with the publisher, CD-ROM version of DiGRA2007 proceedings had arrived during the conference. We should deliver CD-ROMs to the participants who returned early, however, the negotiation is delayed and shipping is not started yet.

We are also preparing the digital library version of DiGRA2007 proceedings, . If may take time to upload each papers and input keywords manually.

Guidelines for Presentation

September 17, 2007

Guidelines for Presentation is now announced.

We wrote up the guidelines for paper session and poster session. The last is the additional session. We are very sorry that we cannot provide a large panel for each presentations
as we have some co-located events during the conference. Before writting up the information for the additional sessions, we will fix the program of the additional sessions(mainly aural presentation and talk session) and update the online program tonight (and in the morning).

As we have some presentations to move and requesting the agreements to presentors, the fixing final program is ongoing.

Advance program has some minor updates.

Some authors’ information is updated and three presenations are canceled.

Final program will be announced at the end of August.

Finally, we made up the advance program.

It was a hard work. Good night.

Toward the advance program, we have been working for 24 hours. The advance program is almost completed, but waiting for some confirmations from the chair and panelists. It will be announced on 3rd August in our plan.
The notification of acceptance for the additional sessions is finished. It is surprising that there are a few application for student mentoring roundtable. It may be reflected that the traditional academics began to support mentoring the students who are interested in digital games.

Confirmation about the copyright permission of screenshots is ongoing. Sorry but there is no “fair use” term in Japanese copyright law!

I’m fixing the advance program — reviewed panels are very unstable, paper session is almost fixed, and some entries are waiting for author’s reply about the final paper or funding.