DiGRA2007: The Final day

September 28, 2007

Today is the final day of DiGRA2007 conference.

We have a presentation session from 8:30AM to about 6PM, and many talks between researchers, designers, and students.

Now we are in the final session, and preparing the closing ceremony.

Still working.

September 21, 2007

Finished to place the DiGRA2007 signs (with route map) at the gates of the campus.

Some members are going to Tokyo Game Show. The other is still working the local arrangement session scheduling, receiving and moving materials.

Do not ask personaly, contact to the information desk.


Still fixing the final program

September 19, 2007

We are still fixing the final program. Some changes from the printed program will be updated at the bulleting board and online program.

Online program is now under updating.

Guidelines for Presentation

September 17, 2007

Guidelines for Presentation is now announced.


We wrote up the guidelines for paper session and poster session. The last is the additional session. We are very sorry that we cannot provide a large panel for each presentations
as we have some co-located events during the conference. Before writting up the information for the additional sessions, we will fix the program of the additional sessions(mainly aural presentation and talk session) and update the online program tonight (and in the morning).

Review of the additional session was finished, and the notice of acceptance was sent to the authors.

It was a hard review as one of the reviewers was sick in bed and the biggest proposal arrived in the last day.

Next we are going to make up the guideline for authors (poster panel size limitation is changed as the limit of room space). The final program will be appeared in the next week.


As we have some presentations to move and requesting the agreements to presentors, the fixing final program is ongoing.

DiGRA 2007 is held as a part of Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta), together with Tokyo Game Show (TGS) and CESA Developers Conference (CEDEC).
And CEDEC will hold “CEDEC/CoFesta Game Developer Seminar” on September 24 and 25 at the University of Tokyo, co-located with DiGRA 2007. (Unfortunately, speeches on 25th aren’t translated into English.)
Dr. Raph Koster, Dr. Robin Hunicke, and other 4 lecturers will speech on this seminar, and you can participate it with no charge.
(DiGRA 2007 Organizing Committee invites those lecturers to DiGRA 2007 Welcome Reception on September 24.)

*To participate, you have to regiter in advance on the website.
This site is written in Japanese only, so please use translastion site like http://babelfish.yahoo.com/ .
(At “Furigana” or “Inclination” item, input your name again.)

*If you have any quesitons, please send an e-mail to cofesta@cesa.or.jp.

We opened the additional call for abstracts for talk, poster, and panels until September 12th.

We also updated the new symposium information on “Game, Education, and Health Care”.

Finally, we made up the advance program.


It was a hard work. Good night.