Toward the advance program, we have been working for 24 hours. The advance program is almost completed, but waiting for some confirmations from the chair and panelists. It will be announced on 3rd August in our plan.
The notification of acceptance for the additional sessions is finished. It is surprising that there are a few application for student mentoring roundtable. It may be reflected that the traditional academics began to support mentoring the students who are interested in digital games.

Confirmation about the copyright permission of screenshots is ongoing. Sorry but there is no “fair use” term in Japanese copyright law!

I’m fixing the advance program — reviewed panels are very unstable, paper session is almost fixed, and some entries are waiting for author’s reply about the final paper or funding.

Deadline of Abstracts

July 27, 2007

We have received so many proposals!

Shinji Yamane is sending the notices and review process is started.