We found that we did not send DiGRA2007 CD-ROM proceeding to some attendees (perhaps 6 people) in this month. Our printing agency failed to make up the complete shipping address list, so we had complete the rest of addresses finally and shipped CD-ROMs in this week.

As the fiscal year in Japan closes in March, so we’re making up some report of DiGRA2007(in Japanese).


CD-ROM shipping completed

December 5, 2007

Sorry to be late!

We found there are some people who did not receive CD-ROM proceedings. We checked our printing agency again, and completed shiping all CD-ROMs in this week, Finally, CD-ROM proceedings will be arrived in one or two weeks.

Maybe some people will receive CD-ROM twice, at the conference and via postal , as our CD-ROM delivery list during the conference is not complete.

We’re ready to ship DiGRA2007 CD-ROM Proceedings. Here is the statement included with CD-ROMs.

22nd October 2007

To All Participants,

thank you very much for your support for DiGRA 2007.

We are writing to you regarding the CD-ROM version of the Proceedings. As the result of the utmost effort to assure the quality of the CD-ROM Proceedings, its delivery date could not be earlier than the 28th of September, the last date of the conference. For some participants who left before this date, the CD-ROM could not be handed to them within the conference period. JAPAX now send the CD-ROM to you by mail. If you get two or the more CD-ROMs, you need not to return them. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
DiGRA2007 Organizing Committee
(E-mail: digra2007@digrajapan.org)
JAPAX Co., Ltd.

Please wait for a few days to finish the shipping to the hundreds of attendees from dozens of the countries.

After the troubles with the publisher, CD-ROM version of DiGRA2007 proceedings had arrived during the conference. We should deliver CD-ROMs to the participants who returned early, however, the negotiation is delayed and shipping is not started yet.

We are also preparing the digital library version of DiGRA2007 proceedings, http://www.digra.org/dl/ . If may take time to upload each papers and input keywords manually.

DiGRA2007 started successfully

September 24, 2007

DiGRA2007 started successfully, less troubles than we expected. One of the troubles is CD-ROM proceedings — we cannot deliver it before September 26th.

It is not so bad weather. Though it is raining in the evening during the opening ceremony, it is not so hot than we expected.

Still working.

September 21, 2007

Finished to place the DiGRA2007 signs (with route map) at the gates of the campus.

Some members are going to Tokyo Game Show. The other is still working the local arrangement session scheduling, receiving and moving materials.

Do not ask personaly, contact to the information desk.

Strong Typhoon in Tokyo

September 6, 2007

Heavy rain and strong winds.


We’re still alive, but our another campus was locked out in this weekend. A staff has a serious health desease, but it is not by this outbreak.