Advised by International Advisory Boards, we use OpenConf to build our online website. But review chair didn’t know about it until we close the paper submittion. Then the review process delayed starting until the technical support between Japan and USA made.

Technical support volunteers was also asked to customize OpenConf in a week during the closing submissions and starting reviews, and some of the requires are rejected for lack of test period.

By the way, OpenConf requires several information before downloading, and redistribution of source code is permitted. So other real “free software” package may be suitable for the people who work with user/developer community.

Doug Thomas visited Tokyo

February 22, 2007

Douglas Thomas, DiGRA2007 Review Committee Chair, visited the University of Tokyo as the speaker in “Game, Digital Culture and New University Education” symposium.

DiGRA 2007 website

June 12, 2006

The webpage for DiGRA 2007 has been uploaded. It does not have much information yet, but it is going to have a lot more.
The URL is: