After the troubles with the publisher, CD-ROM version of DiGRA2007 proceedings had arrived during the conference. We should deliver CD-ROMs to the participants who returned early, however, the negotiation is delayed and shipping is not started yet.

We are also preparing the digital library version of DiGRA2007 proceedings, . If may take time to upload each papers and input keywords manually.


Excursion Tour is finished.

September 29, 2007

Last night, we have a finale of DiGRA2007. There are also the banquet at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo.

Just after the DiGRA2007 conference, today we went to the excursion tour. About 30 people had registered to this tour, however, only 14 people came. Maybe the other people slept too late after singing Karaoke at last night (we could not join it as we should bring several materials back from the banquet), or, watching Rugby World Cup 🙂 .

We went to the royal palace, Asakusa, and Akihabara. Though we cannot charter the professonal guide at Akihabara, the committee members and graduate students introduced the deep information of updated Akihabara.

All events are finished. Thanks for all attendees, presentors, reviewers, chairs, mentors, volunteers, student assistants, and professonal workers.

In the next week, we will start the follow-up service including CD-ROM proceedings issue.

DiGRA2007: The Final day

September 28, 2007

Today is the final day of DiGRA2007 conference.

We have a presentation session from 8:30AM to about 6PM, and many talks between researchers, designers, and students.

Now we are in the final session, and preparing the closing ceremony.

Final program is fixed.

September 25, 2007

We finally fixed the final program.

DiGRA2007 started successfully

September 24, 2007

DiGRA2007 started successfully, less troubles than we expected. One of the troubles is CD-ROM proceedings — we cannot deliver it before September 26th.

It is not so bad weather. Though it is raining in the evening during the opening ceremony, it is not so hot than we expected.

Last 1 Day

September 23, 2007

Tomorrow, we have a opening event of DiGRA2007.

There are a lot of issues ot be solved…

Still working.

September 21, 2007

Finished to place the DiGRA2007 signs (with route map) at the gates of the campus.

Some members are going to Tokyo Game Show. The other is still working the local arrangement session scheduling, receiving and moving materials.

Do not ask personaly, contact to the information desk.

We made up the new map between the station and the registration center.

Please note that our registration desk is opened at the auditorium on Monday 24th.

  • On Monday 24th, Registration center is open at Yasuda Auditorium, the large building with a clock tower, at the front of main gate.
  • After 25th Tuesday, Registration center is open at the 2nd floor in Koshiba Hall, the building behind the Yasuda Auditorium.

Still fixing the final program

September 19, 2007

We are still fixing the final program. Some changes from the printed program will be updated at the bulleting board and online program.

Online program is now under updating.

Guidelines for Presentation

September 17, 2007

Guidelines for Presentation is now announced.

We wrote up the guidelines for paper session and poster session. The last is the additional session. We are very sorry that we cannot provide a large panel for each presentations
as we have some co-located events during the conference. Before writting up the information for the additional sessions, we will fix the program of the additional sessions(mainly aural presentation and talk session) and update the online program tonight (and in the morning).